Shoots of February 2014

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February actually feels like a million moons ago, a bus crashed into me at the end of January and I feel like my whole life has gone topsy turvy!

On the last day of January I did a shoot with the lovely Pete Copeland, I haven't shot with him for a couple of years. Last time our shoot was extremely stressful, it took months to arrange, this time again arranging the shoot was a nightmare and I think it reflected how I modelled. Still there were some nice ones and the shoot was worthwhile. He's a super nice chap, I just don't think we've got our best work yet!

I got to do a lovely shoot with two dynamite gals Janine Hocking and Metamorphic Unique Art. It was elements project and I got to be 'Earth' and our shoot was first. I was absolutely caked in all sorts and I got to be a very special kind of 'Ugly Pretty'! I think it's probably one of my favourite shoots to date, even though it took three showers to come off. Out of the four elements too, I kinda like mine the best, which makes me sound like a bit of a douche, but normally I am always looking for ways to favour other people over myself. I like the make up, and it was just one of those shoot where absolutely everyone fell into place just right.

I also had the luck of working with a photographer from London. I really like working with people outside of the area, that's one of the reasons I've missed having the car so much, I had shoots planned south way and I've had to cancel some of them. This photographer was called Carl Glancey, he specialises in weddings but likes to try out lighting techniques with model/fashion shots. We shot in Sunderland and it was a super windy day, I was getting blown about all over the place. Even getting changed was a struggle because the wind was battering me all over. I really love the images though, they are different and I really hope he shoots with me again when he is next up.

I also did a Hide Your Arms review for local T-shirt company 'Wear Brave'! Me and Nick went to our favourite alleyway in town to showcase them. Me and Nick don't shoot together very well anymore, we tend to argue and there's no sexual tension anymore because we have been together so long. It either goes super well and we get lots of good images or we argue and fight and the pics are terrible! I'm not really sure about the ones from this shoot!

I really want to do some more sexy black and white lingerie type stuff! Hopefully in April! :)

Didn't really get to shoot very much in February (or this month) due to lack of car! Hopefully next month will be better, although it is the Easter holidays so I will be being Mummy! :) Which I'm pretty excited about since I have started working all weekend every weekend.

Shoots of January 2014! So far so good....

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Well January was a pretty horrid month. I lost my car and my children have been poorly because of how damp our house is so I am feeling guilt to the 1000th percent. Luckily the car accident wasn't my fault and it should be sorted I'm just waiting. 

My first shoot in January, I included in my last blog. It was with my lovely friend Meg at Spellbound Imagery, unfortunately I haven't got to see Meg since this shoot and I had started going to visit her every week for a chat on a relax on her massive couch with her massive doggies! This shoot was so cold, the wind and hail battered against my face and my boobs. The shot was great though and also gave me a chance to use my Christmas Day dress.

My next shoot of 2014 was with the epically talented and beardy BURNOUTBRIGHT, he was so much fun, I love his unique and dark style and I'm going to be shooting with him indoors for the first time next week (maybes). I think these images looks almost cinematic and considering were were only shooting for an hour, and I got changed in and out of 4 outfits I'd say this was an awesome success!

I had my first shoot with Anthony Simpson and the lovely April Miele did my make up and I shot in one of Chris Niari's dresses. I was something completely different and I rarely get the chance of having someone skilful getting their hands on my hair. We shot in an old quarry type place in the centre of town. It was a chance to do something where I looked powerful and almost regal which was a nice change for me.

It was my husband and I's first Wedding Anniversary in January. At the risk of sounding soppy I never in my wildest dreams imagined I couldn't find someone as utterly perfect, beautiful and soulmate flavoured as my gorgeous Nicholas. I hate being apart from him, if he comes to meet me from work I have to run towards him and hold him and smell him. It's such an amazing experience to find someone that you can gel so well with, I'm so lucky! However we got our good friend Jonathan Keys to do some portraits of us on film, I really want to get all the square ones printed and put into a frame, they are capturing lots of little smooches and us just surrounded by the city.

Next shoot is with a team I have been dying to work with again for ages, our last shoot was a Pop Art shoot which was a massive success. Josephine Birkett did such an amazing job of my gold and black make up and Sam Corban did an class job of capturing my face and how amazing Jo had made my skin look. I love catching up with them both though although I don't think I was on top form mostly because of my car nonsense. I always look forward to seeing their new work though, they are both super talented! I think this might be one of my favourite images of me ever. 

I got to work with a brand new female photographer! Brand new to me anyway, we did a quick shoot on a super cold morning in town. I got to wear my little minty frock that I got for my Christmas party and I was concerned that I looked stupid. The lovely lady photographer was Tena Gibson, and I got some super fresh and natural portraits and I'm excited about the prospect of shooting with her again.

I did do one more shoot in January but I didn't get the images until February so I'm going to whack them in my next blog! I have an insane amount of cosplay shoots to do, I really need to get on it! :) lots planned I think 2014 is going to be a creative and colourful year!

What 2013 Taught Me About Hobbyist Modelling!

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It was a year full of ups and downs. Had quite a lot of work stress which meant that I haven't got to shoot as much as I would of liked. I work weekends now which I thought would cause issue but I have got more shoots booked up to February than I ever have!

Here are a few lessons I learned from shooting in 2013

1. I enjoy cosplay shoots!

I have always loved to dress up I just didn't realise quite how much. I clocked up quite a few cosplay shoots last year ranging from Disney, to Scooby Doo, Superheroes, Dexter! I had so much fun doing it. I also went to a convention as April O'Neil and loads of people commented on how cool my costume was. I'm such a geek at heart, I'm kinda rubbish at computer games thought unfortunately, but this gives me an outlet for my geekery. I'm going to share my image with Graham Kenneth Short in this blog, it took quite a bit of planning and he is such an epic photoshop whiz that this image packs a real punch. I'm looking to work with him again for a Psylocke shot next month!

2. Sometimes shoot arranged a day in advance are the best

In November I got a random message from Richard Hanley, photographer who just lives round the corner in Delaval. He basically asked if the weather was ok could we shoot the next day. I said yes, we didn't travel far maybe just a couple of miles down the road, we shot for maybe half an hour tops, most of which was catching up and putting the world to rights and I was really happy with how the pics turned out. Sometimes you can plan and plan and plan and shoots just don't work but sometimes you do it on the fly and it just clicks.

3. Don't travel too far for low paid shoots or tf

I travelled to Grimsby and Liverpool for shoots this year and they were both massively disappointing. I got paid for the Liverpool one but it was just a waste of time, I would of much rather just spent the weekend at home and I would of been better off by the time I'd paid for my petrol, hotel and food I would of been in minus numbers. The Grimsby one the photographer had a go at my husband for having a quick edit process and I have still only received 3 images from this shoot (and I only like one) and this was in April. Some people need to shoot less and edit more.

4. Make Up Artists 'MAKE' the shoot

I've been lucky enough to work with some extremely talented MUAs. Locally my favourites are Josephine Birkett and Metamorphic Unique Art. Even if I feel like absolute rubbish they work their magic and all of a sudden I am a model, I'm not just a full time working Mum of 2! They are essentially the difference between an average image and an awesome one and I'm truly thankful that any are happy to work with me.

5. There are people I can rely on!

I think it's fair to say I have made two extremely firm photographer friends. Meg from Spellbound Imagery and Shepy of Richard Shepherd Photography are always there to pick me up when I am down, talk through ideas, make me feel better about myself and not only this but they are both extremely talented photographers. I have had a crazy 3 or 4 years and they have been with me through the duration. I never tire of shooting with them and spending time with them.
Image one by Spellbound Imagery. Image two by Richard Shepherd.

6. My body isn't too bad!

I am 27 with two kids. I really need to stop comparing myself to those who are almost ten years younger than me who don't have a single stretch mark on their ridiculous hot bods. I don't over indulge, I exercise a bit. I get what I pay for. I don't feel sick when I look in the mirror (unless I'm completely naked)! Image by Spellbound Imagery.

7. I should work with more models

This kinda ties in with the one above. One of the reasons I don't work with other people is my own insecurity. After shooting in the summer with Scott Henderson, modeling with Fifi Galore and Anastacia Taline it was such a blast. I had such a giggle, I think it taught me a valuable lesson with regards to being threatened by other women. It should be more of a sisterhood!
Image by Scott Henderson

8. Work with new people.

One of my favourite shoots this year was with a lovely young Hartlepool chap called Michael J Smalley. No one I'd know had worked with him but I contacted him on Purple port and it ended up giving me some of my favourite images from this year. I looked young, fresh and happy and he photographed my movement perfectly.
Image by Michael J Smalley

9. I still love latex.

Although I haven't modelled as much of it this year. I've had some cosplay pieces and a few bits from here and there. Fave companies are still Catalyst Latex, Fetasia Latex and Violaceous Latex. I'm not sure whether I'm getting a bit long in the tooth for it all though! Got to grow up sometime, maybe 2015!
Image by Richard Shepherd

10. I should blog more!

I used to blog every shoot I did but this stopped when I started working full time. I'm attempting to do one shoot per week this year (on average) so I'm going to try and blog at least once a month. Even if I blog a months shoots in one go.

Thank you so much for reading (if you got this far!)
Final Image by Stu Glen (one of the most talented photographers I've ever worked with)

Halloween Costumes! There's still time!

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Ages ago I got asked to review amazing costume website This is a website I have used many a time for costumes for photo shoots and burlesque bits and bobs. Also for stuff for the kids too. Their selection is massive. I agreed to do the review before I started my current job at the RVI in Newcastle, but by the time it had all been finalised I'd started doing days where I got up at 5:30am and I don't get to sit down until 8pm so I've had little time nor energy for blogging. my own personal blog has taken a nosedive which is a shame because it was something I genuinely used to enjoy.

At the beginning of this year I planned to do a 2013 Dee La Beau Geek and Gamer Calender but sadly that has taken a back seat too and it is more likely that this will be a project I see into 2014 instead. I did however get two images for my calender using epic costumes from My next purchase from them will be their 80's Official Street Figther Chun Li costume, as it is perfect for my calender and also a little bit suggestive!

I did a shoot with friend and awesome photographer Richard Shepherd at local Mayfield Studio for my calender using Joke's Secret Wishes Ghostbuster costume. At £34.99 this is a fab way to look like a foxy Ghostbuster gal for your Halloween party. The fabric of the costume is awesome and soft, my only real complaint is that this wouldn't be suitable for anyone who has no bust and also the armbands were very very tight so if I wear it again I will probably need to snip them to loosen them and I don't think myself to have particularly fat arms.

Also a while back I treated myself to the Harley Quinn costume from Joke about 18 months ago. I know that at £45.99 you might think it's bit steep but it's very high quality and the fit was perfection based on their size charts. It's not currently available on the site, bet lots of foxy ladies have been getting it for Halloween, but it's well worth the wait and it is super sexy. I wore this for my engagement shoot, again with Richard Shepherd, and naturally my fiancĂ© was Joker, this one is currently available on Joke.

This costume website is the best one I have every had to used, their speed and quality service cannot be beaten along with their epic selection of costumes you are pretty much guaranteed to get what you are looking for from this website. They also stock some fantastic deluxe costumes, the Star Wars ones such as this Boba Fett one is of particular interest to me, for £826 I'm sure it is like being in the movie! The also stock some excellent ideas for couples such as Neo and Trinity (Matrix) Combo & He-Man and She-ra Costume Combo!

Also for women who are conscious about their shape there is 'Shaper Costumes' that have an element of shape wear in that pull you in and make the most of your assets so you can both look and feel super sexy. There are a few which are accurate homages to the costumers wore by Katy Perry, I also adore their Female Clown Costume

Good news is also that you still have 19 hours from now to get your hands on these (in stock) costumes in time for Halloween!  I'm sure you all have some fab parties and nights out for Halloween this week and next weekend! If you have been wanting to get a costume but you have been putting it off, or maybe you haven't found what you have been looking for, now is the time to check out

Bless me father for I have sinned....

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Feels very odd to finally be blogging this, it was actually a project I was involved in last year at about this time, infact I did this particular photo shoot the day after my birthday, so March the 17th 2011! I also performed at a burlesque event this day, and my daughter who at the time was 3 came along to this shoot which didn't particularly help with my expressions or anything.

So what was it all about? A designer called Jennifer Johnson and her partner, photographer Michael Daglish, showcasing their skills along with a poet/story teller with the theme of the '7 Sins'. So this involved 7 dresses, 7 photo shoots, 7 models (Constance Peach, Jenny Johnson, Trixie D Licious, Nicola Michelle, Katrina Darling, Betty D'Light and myself) and poems about all of the sins which was then published in a book. I wasn't able to release my set of the images until after the book launch which ended up being in January

My sin was 'Gluttony', this didn't bother me in the slightest. I think the only time this sin has been relevant to me however was when I was pregnant with my son. I suffered terribly from hyperemesis gravidarum, which is a severe form of morning sickness but because I was being sick so frequently (approx 8 times a day) I was still hungry and then filling my face. I struggled to stop doing this until after my son was born.

My frock was amazing, so much detail, and I actually adore the colour orange, along with purple they are probably my favourite colours. My shoot also featured some pretty rotten fruit which I had the joy of squishing into my hands. Anyway I just thought I'd share a couple of my images and I highly recommend hunting down everyone else's for a gander.

Latex with WKD Heart

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So I did a second shoot with Gregg and Sam of Wicked Heart Photography back end of last year, I am just so far behind in my blogs that it isn't even funny. I took only latex, so the only thing we shot was latex, at the lovely Mayfield Studio. My personal fave studio in Newcastle, also the most central one. I'm having the pleasure of shooting there with Hannah Todd at the weekend :)

I got through 3 outfits for this shoot firstly my wee black and gold set, which I have worn for a few shoots before. I don't generally feel comfortable just in my undies especially with any part of my tummy on show but Sam and Gregg always make sure you're comfortable and always make you feel good about yourself. I feel so hot it was stupid honestly! This is my fave shot from my first outfit, because they compliment their models so much it gives you the extra push to perform extra hard and this is what I got.

My second outfit was picked by Sam, I do love the super girly colour mix of the minty green with the barbie pink. Although I have lost quite a bit of weigh and now struggle to fill the top. So I was trying to effectively pose around my lack of breasts.

I picked my 'Katy Perry' esque ensemble for the last set of shots. I crazy Primark strapless bra which I stuck loads of misc stuff from Primark onto. It looks quite cool in pics though. The sky is also epic in this shot, I'm not sure how much of it was real and how much is photoshop though. I highly recommend Gregg and Sam to anyone, their images and banter are both second to none.

Popping Genuis!

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So Sam Corban was all 'There is studio slots free on Thursday' and I was like 'I'm free' and then Josephine Birkett was like 'I'm free also' and that is how this all began. I'd say this is probably by far my most favourite shoot of 2012 so far and may continue to be for a long while.

So after we established we were all free we passed some ideas around and because I am a massive fan of Pop Art, especially that of Roy Lichtenstein I suggested we plotted a shoot around that idea. My friend, Shepy, had also sent me an image feature mega garish make up a few weeks previously saying it reminded him of me and it stuck in my head.

Josephine practised on her sister a couple of times and the results on her pictures looked pretty cool but it didn't prepare me for how well it all worked at the shoot. It was one of those shoots that involved about 2 hours of make up and approximately 25 mins of shoot all in all but it just totally worked and the images are....I would go as far as to say powerful and a really excellent addition to my portfolio. I hope the other members of the gang feel the same.

I didn't really know what to wear for the shoot, I had decided however my normal black hair wasn't going to cut the mustard so I just took along my turquoise cosplay wig and it didn't look as ridiculous was I had first anticipated! Such an amazing shoot and I can't wait to work with both these amazing peeps again. It's just occurred to me how many of my favourite images in my port are actually taken by Sam now.