Latex with WKD Heart

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So I did a second shoot with Gregg and Sam of Wicked Heart Photography back end of last year, I am just so far behind in my blogs that it isn't even funny. I took only latex, so the only thing we shot was latex, at the lovely Mayfield Studio. My personal fave studio in Newcastle, also the most central one. I'm having the pleasure of shooting there with Hannah Todd at the weekend :)

I got through 3 outfits for this shoot firstly my wee black and gold set, which I have worn for a few shoots before. I don't generally feel comfortable just in my undies especially with any part of my tummy on show but Sam and Gregg always make sure you're comfortable and always make you feel good about yourself. I feel so hot it was stupid honestly! This is my fave shot from my first outfit, because they compliment their models so much it gives you the extra push to perform extra hard and this is what I got.

My second outfit was picked by Sam, I do love the super girly colour mix of the minty green with the barbie pink. Although I have lost quite a bit of weigh and now struggle to fill the top. So I was trying to effectively pose around my lack of breasts.

I picked my 'Katy Perry' esque ensemble for the last set of shots. I crazy Primark strapless bra which I stuck loads of misc stuff from Primark onto. It looks quite cool in pics though. The sky is also epic in this shot, I'm not sure how much of it was real and how much is photoshop though. I highly recommend Gregg and Sam to anyone, their images and banter are both second to none.