Popping my Wicked Heart Cherry

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So recently I got to work with someone I have been dying to work with for years now since I first saw their images of the likes of Madamoiselle Boo, Katy Kamikaze & of course Anna Fur Laxis, who am I talking about? Of course the wonderful and amazing Gregg and Sam of Wicked Heart Photography.

Their work is so clean and colourful, they make every woman look as stunning as each other (I haven't seen any images they have done of blokes but I'd imagine they make them look pretty hot too!). I actually shot with them on the 26th of September but I am getting a bit behind with my blogs. Again this was a shoot where I wasn't asked to bring anything specific just some 'Alt' gear which actually when I looked at the photos I failed to do.

We did this shoot at Mayfield Studio, shot there plenty of times now. By far the best rental studio in the North East. Most central and best owners. No drama. Also at the studio that day, Chris Harrison was shooting, I got to do some images with the lovely Loki Winters and I got to meet Derk German, I blogged my shoot with him last month.

Sam and Gregg pretty much work together, having constant laughs and they compliment you so much you feel virtually super human, I had such an amazing time shooting with them. It was very comfortable and very informal and I think the images pretty much speak for themselves. I am waiting for another set of images from them that are all bendy and latexy and I can't wait! :)


Miss Matilda said...

love that last shot, nice job xx