Clowns, Pillow Fights and Grimey Bathroom Sets

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Eek can't believe I am blogging a shoot from March, I need to get my tushie into gear so much to share/bore you with.

Rolled up to Studio 5000 which recently was robbed which is a shame, I hate to hear of people and places I like being crimed on.

I loved this shoot, it was quite literally with some of my favourite people, people who made my 2010 bearable! Sadly Debs had to bail at the last minute because she was poorly but despite that the shoot went pretty well and no-one was standing around bored.

I got to work with two of my favourite photographers my loverman Nicholas Gray and tip top down to earth mate Shepy. The models were newly branded Havannah Wildtime, Jason McCullagh and a lovely girly I met at a group shoot Victoria Price.

The staff at the studio are always very helpful and this shoot was no exception.

I was lucking enough to get pictures taken with each of the other models and I'm gonna share 'em with you now!

Me and Havannah both had clownesque costumes, mine was a Harley Quinn costume as it's known I am a bit of a geekette who likes to dress up it's logical I'd be a lady villan at some point.

Me and Vicky did a sterotypical girly pillow fight shot. It's really hard to get the balance right between looking attractive for the camera and actually having a pop at your opponent.

Lastly one of Nick's best mates Jason. He is just an awesome fella, few people make me laugh the way Jason does. Its a relenless barrage of comedy which leaves you sitting in a puddle of wee. He is a professional model and just a class person to spend time with. I kinda had an image in mind for this, this is almost it but me and Jason were laughing so much that we weren't fully committed to the task in hand.