Shooting with Doug Durham

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Darn tootin' totally forgot about this shoot! Naughty naughty Dee! Last month I show with Doug Durham in the Studio of Light in Sunderland. It's an excellent varied studio, lots of sets, lots of props, only real complaint is that it's always freezing and the toilets are out of order, sure this will all be sorted in due course though. It's still an excellent place to shoot and the owners have always treated me with massive amount of respect.

I headed down to Sunderland one frosty December to shoot with Doug and the gorgeous foxy lady that is Sophie Land. She is an absolute stunner, sadly no pictures of us together where you can see our faces but take it from me she is an absolute fox. I didn't really head to the shoot with any specific images in my head that I wanted to get but Doug had some definite ideas. 

He is an awesome photographer, so enthusiastic and he brought a massive case of stuff for me and Sophie to have a rummage though. I found a stunning orange vintage bustier that fit me like a dream and Sophie found various items that made her knockers look fantastic. 

Doug specifically wanted to use natural light and use places in the studio that hadn't been use previously by other photographers for example a disused gents loo which is in the picture above. I think this is one of the first pictures of me that drew attention to the tattoo on my arm. 

Hopefully I will get to do a mother/daughter shoot with Doug sometime in the New Year, I'd also like to wish him and his lovely fiancĂ©e a huge 'Congratulations' as they got engaged over the festive period, in Paris! Romance x 1000! :)


G said...

Some cracking shots there, word up to Doug Durham!