Fruity Fun with Shepy

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Couple of weeks ago I did a super fun and sticky shoot with Richard Shepherd, a photographer who I rate highly for his skills and also I consider him to be a genuine friend of mine. I always have a laugh with him, if he wasn't so busy I'd spend more time with him even if it just meant stalking his flat. So I had some epic Catalyst Latex items to model, 2 of which I had asked them to make because I <3 Neon and I also <3 Tartan!

Firstly I modelled my tartan dress, I'd found this Etsy shop in Hungary that makes plaid latex it can also create custom colours if it's required, I fell in love with it and asked Catalyst to make me a super foxy dress, I am really happy with the way it turned out and I'm glad I went for the Red/Blue colouring.

The second item I modelled was the gorgeous 'Dee La Blue' playsuit/romper! I'm so delighted to have a latex item named after me. Also onesies are especially good for me because they show off my bottom and my boobies and cover up the areas of my body that I'm not happy to have on display. There are also some very cute little Latex Riding Socks to match which are absolutely adorable! The whole ensemble is just very fun and very me and I am dying to shoot in it again sometime.

Ok, lastly here is where the fruit comes in. I LOVE Neon colours, no secret in that. My orange jumpsuit is amazing but I fancied dabbling with some lime, so I asked if it was possible to have a Neon Green swimsuit affair with lots of fruit all over it. Catalyst created something better than I thought possible. I took this to the shoot as well and squeezed lots of fruit over myself. Great fun but very messy.

If you're wanting any mental custom latex items, I highly recommend going to Catalyst first, the gals are great and they have went along with my mental ideas many a time.